Review of top selling boho fashion brands

Review of top selling boho fashion brands

The boho fashion has undergone major changes from the proponents rejecting of the establishment to giving people a contemporary flare. Today’s boho fashion brand encompasses many things from shoes, accessories, bags to jewelry. There are too many brands to fit each person’s needs. The following brands have earned their space in the Boho world with their pictures flooding both Facebook and Instagram.

Stone cold Fox

The brand is a brainchild of two childhood friends. The design seeks to make the vintage designs fresh once again. Each product is thought and personal. The pieces are locally made in California. They don’t ship clothes to people with P.O Box. They sell the collections to any part of the world excluding Russia.

For the Love of Lemons

The brand seeks to inspire women to embrace feminine features. The company offers flexible vacations to its employees to make working in that organization fulfilling.


For every purchase of Emmaoclothing brand, the contribution goes to a family or child in Zimbabwe. The owner identified as Emma is a proud mother of a bouncing baby girl. In honor of her daughter, she has added a crochet line for babies apart from her usual crochet bikinis, dresses, and tops.


The team at LoveStich is woven together by love beauty, music and culture. They fuse culture, individuality, experience, and passion. Clearly, they intertwine the characteristics of every garment they create. The goal of this brand is to provide affordable but gorgeous style without surrendering quality.


About 5 years ago the founder Kiki started out by selling out bags in a local market known as Bali. The Australian brand has created its own Boho-Chic look. They have a fabulous collection of bags. The brand is huge with 100+ stores globally.


The Bali based brand is designed for a free-thinker girl. It brings out the goddess in the individual. The good news is that the brand supports locals within the island to get sustainable income every year. The materials are sourced locally in Bali to make bags and accessories.


The brand has developed true followers. What’s more, it is popular for developing shoes, fringe bags, and wallets and accessories. Lately, Mahiya was awarded the 4th best boho fashion blogs.

Tree of Life

The brand is considered an iconic bohemian brand of Australia. The inspiration for this brands comes from diverse sources like handicrafts from across the globe, other treasures and textile.


The brand features latest trends for women who prefer living free and not afraid to show their lifestyle. They are touted as the best in bohemian fashion. In 2004 the company launched for shoppers who would love to purchase a little something online.

Spell Designs

The brand’s collection sells out quickly. No wonder the collection is often copied by others. The gypsy-inspired brand was founded by two sisters Isabella and Elizabeth from Australia.


Anthropologie operates 200+ stores worldwide. The brand is meant for the creative and educated 30-45 old women. The style is meant to give the woman a sense of adventure rather than be governed by what is trending.

Disfunksion Mag

The magazine features some of the best inspirational guides. Besides outstanding images, the hippie magazine has exclusive interviews, bohemian vibes, and mind-blowing interviews.

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