Difference between boho, hippie, and boho-chic fashion

Difference between boho, hippie, and boho-chic fashion


The Bohemian Fashion Style has become more of a fashion trend that will not quickly fade away but scales to the new rank of being a state of mind.  Dressing in line with this type of style is a way of connecting oneself with nature and the world as a whole. Because of the emphasis that has been put on this type of fashion, it would be necessary to find the difference between boho, hippie, and boho-chic fashion.


Hippies thrived on the rejection of the establishment of corporate culture and conservative values. The hippie fashion itself is old-fashioned and politically driven. Originally the hippies promoted flared jeans, unisex attire, and cored strands of beads, long hair, sandals, and bright colors. Hippies propelled radical ideas.

Their attires had a variety of symbols including harmony, unity, and affiliation to a certain common way of life. The hippie movement also settled on rejecting conformity. The fashion staples they had including bold patterns, intricate patterns, tie-dye, headpiece, accessories, and patchwork formed a strong representation of their economic, social, and political values.


Unlike Hippie, the Boho style has no political origins. It, however, stems from an aesthetic origin. Even though some of the Boho fashion roots can be linked to the hippie fashion, its personality and lifestyle have been embraced by women in a huge way.  It supports femininity and therefore far from being unisex.

The boho style has its major foundation of staple elements which bring out the boho look in a unique way when combined in a fashion-aware and feminine manner. This look can be easily pulled by an independent, unconventional, free-spirited, and a life-loving woman with the help of mandatory elements including a general laid-back appearance, natural, free-flowing feminine fabrics, specific accessories, and specific outfit designs.

Most people are drawn to the hippie and Boho designs. Maybe it is just a trend or perhaps the society is shifting to what unites and connects them back to nature.

Boho Chic fashion

The term Chic means elegant or stylish. It was copied from the Frenchmen in the 19th Century. “Boho Chic” is used to describe a certain style that includes ethnic-inspired accessories, natural-looking hair and make-up, vintage, and flowy clothing.  The ‘Boho Chic’ phrase gained its popularity in 2002 when Laura Demasi, an Australian journalist, used the phrase to describe the electric gypsy look that was centered in vogue during that time period. Since Laura Demasi article which has been in existence for 2 years, Boho Chic still remained to be a popular style.

The term Bohemian itself stands for one with unconventional or informal social habits. In general, boho chic fashion is comfortable, unconventional, laid back, and self-expressive. Bohemians are more of free-spirited and don’t dress to conform but to please themselves. Also one does not need to be rebellious to employ the Bohemian style. You just need to be self-expressive, laid back, and creative.

Inasmuch as Hippie style and boho share some common traits, boho style promotes a romantic look and wonderer like lifestyle. Both hippie and boho styles aim to delink from mainstream fashion.

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