What inspired boho-chic fashion

Are you intrigued by Boho-chic fashion in your friends or in the magazines? How do you spot a Bohemian? In Boho-chic fashion, you come up with a unique style that defines you as a person, not just a streamline. The style gives you the impression you are dressed up in another world with countless opportunities and possibilities, where creativity and ideas are limitless.

At the start, Bohemian now a raging fashion was kind of a lifestyle that appeared to others as chaotic but loved by people who were liberal in outlook. Bohemians describe themselves as socially unconventional people, particularly artists. Many people viewed them as elicits, immature and subversive. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were critical of religion defying constrictions of family life which they believed underpinned it. The style which was steeped in French roots traverses many cultures and countries, particularly after the French revolution. The design is an exotic substitute for the acceptable fashion of the time. The artists had to live cheaply and wore unfashionable clothing because their works did not fetch much.

People wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle at least sidestep expenses. Many in the 1700s wanted to live a cheaper and simpler life. The Boho chic style is a free-spirited attitude dating back to over 200 years that enables personalities a desire to break away from societal norms and leave unconventionally. Artists moved from mere craftsmen to eccentric geniuses. The artists themselves were considered as pieces of art and emphasis was put on the way they looked and lived. Oscar Wilde, for instance, lived the Bohemian lifestyle.

In the 1800s bohemian style was somewhat cultish with people wearing old shoes and rejecting materialism. A renowned British illustrator Dante Rossetti portrayed a boho woman in his paintings titled “Fanny Conforth”. He was the founder of Pre-Raphaelites brotherhood, a group that rejected the restrictive Victorian fashion.

Aesthetic adherents threatened to dismantle the conservative Victorian traditions. The aesthetic movement which became part of the Bohemian lifestyle in the 19th century not only penetrated art and music but also fashion, literature and interior décor.

Aside from designing haram trousers, Paul Poiret described by the Americans as “King of Fashion” in the 1900s transformed the course of present-day costumes. Oddly enough, some of his unique antique designs example Japanese Kimono freed women from corsets.

Primarily, Boho chic style fashion is affiliated with historical costume, writers, intellectuals, and artists. Usually, the styles comprise of colorful but loose clothing. The carriers of the Bohemian ideology yearned to break the dogmatic stereotyping that surrounded them. In fact, the unique style served as an inspiration to the proponents. The Boho mood can be described as joyful and open. Boho fashion was inspired by the way of life of the 1960s and 1970s with dresses having the colorful and layered look.

Elements of boho chic fashion that makes it peculiar include:

  • Fabrics are natural like suede, cotton, velvet
  • Textures are multilayered
  • Everything is comfy including shoes that are not so high like sandals
  • The style lacks neon shades but comprises natural colors and tones
  • The designs have flare finish, lace edged sleeves
  • Clothing patched
  • Hats are broad and brimmed

Bohemian lifestyle now

There is no denying Boho look permeated various streets in London in the spring of 2005. Why? Sienna Miller made an appearance at the Glastonbury festival in 2004 changing the perception of a boho look. The event is a major one in the British culture inspired by the spirit of free festival and hippie. In the 1970’s the Glastonbury festival was heavily influenced by the hippie ethics. The boho expression was in high demand included cowboy boots, leggings, sheepskin boots, hobo bags and baggy cardigans.

Modern mixes of Boho style still influences and hit a fresh all-time high in 2005. Vogue featuring Miller and labeled her as the “girl of the year” was one thing that inspired the boho trends. The style fuses vintage and the new clothes. You don’t have to match the colors but mix them in a unique fashion. You have to be imaginative and have great fashion ideas to make it work for a personal style. Also, the design requires creative accessories to add depth and ceaseless splendor.

More and more young people chose to join Bohemian lifestyle hoping to separate themselves from the then materialist culture of the older generations. Consequently, it gave birth to a more modern counter-culture style. Even though the mass media embraced bohemianism, the fashion regards Boho-chic for the sheer beauty it manifests.

Nowadays, Boho-chic has become a state of mind dressing rather than a fashion trend. You can adorn yourself with a rich flavor of cultures and connect with the world. By infusing bits of ethnically inspired facts into your fashion persona to have an amazing boho look. Clearly, a Boho-chic inspiration can save you from occasional wardrobe miseries.

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